Home for the Holidays

Welcome to Home for the Holidays: Making a Difference, Together!

With our Home for the Holidays initiative, we believe that the true spirit of the holiday season lies in the joy of giving back. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to unite our community and create a profound impact on those in need.

Our Journey:

Our story began with “90 in 90,” a campaign initiated by Justin Landis, founder of Bolst Real Estate, Bolst Works, and The Justin Landis Group. 

The goal? To help 90 buyers find homes in 90 days and raise $90,000 to combat homelessness. What started as an ambitious dream became a resounding success, thanks to the collective efforts of our incredible community.

The Evolution:

From this success, “Home for the Holidays” was born. Over the years, it has grown into an initiative that touches countless lives. We’ve shared inspiring stories of hope, transformation, and the impactful work of our nonprofit partners.

Introducing Bolst Works:

Today, we are excited to introduce Bolst Works, a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit born from the spirit of giving back. Bolst Works is dedicated to two critical areas: Fighting Homelessness and Equity in Housing.

  • Fighting Homelessness: We collaborate with established local organizations, such as City of Refuge, the Gateway Center, Atlanta Mission, Grove Park Renewal, and more. Together, we work tirelessly to combat homelessness in the Metro-Atlanta community.
  • Equity in Housing: Our three-part plan includes Assist, where we help individuals overcome financial barriers to homeownership; Build, through initiatives like the Bolst Scholars Program, offering opportunities in the real estate industry; and Cultivate, promoting financial literacy and education for future homeowners.

Your Impact:

But here’s the most incredible part: Your involvement matters. Whether through contributions, volunteering, or simply spreading our mission, you play a crucial role in creating a brighter future for all.

Join Us:
We invite you to be a part of our journey, supporting Bolst Works as we tackle homelessness and promote equity in housing. Together, we can make a profound and lasting impact on our community.

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Get in Touch:
Do you have questions, ideas, or a burning desire to get involved? Reach out to us at hello@bolst.homes. We’re here to collaborate and create meaningful change.

Thank You:
Thank you for being an essential part of Home for the Holidays. Together, we’re making holidays truly special and building a better tomorrow.

Join us in spreading warmth and hope this holiday season and beyond.

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