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We’ve harnessed the collective experience and expertise of some of the top agents in the city to create a brokerage that provides exactly what top agents want and need: tech that’s easy, training that works, opportunities for growth, and a community of like-minded achievers.

Grow together

Revenue Sharing

We believe that you should be able to earn more while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. That’s why agents at Bolst have the opportunity to develop passive income through revenue sharing. Revenue sharing is different from profit sharing, where only the profit (usually much less than the revenue) is shared with the agents. Revenue sharing means that the agents get paid first and the owners get paid last. 

Capped commission plans

Your hard work should be rewarded. Bolst caps our commission plans so you can earn more the more your business grows.

Individual agent

  • $15k cap
  • 80/20 split
  • $100 transaction fee after cap
  • $99 monthly dues

Team leader

  • $15k cap
  • 80/20 split
  • $99 monthly dues

Team agent

  • $10k cap
  • $500 transaction fee (20 transactions) to cap
  • $100 transaction fee after cap
  • $99 monthly dues


We foster a collaborative community where we value the knowledge and experience all of us have to offer, and we provide formalized courses on important topics like:

  • How to build new client relationships through conversations that aren’t salesy

  • How to work efficiently and with an upward trajectory through tried and true systems and checklists

  • How to secure business without reducing your commission through your listing presentation

  • How to hire and train an assistant

  • Secrets (yes, actual secrets!) from the very top agents, who have collectively sold thousands of houses, on how to win multiple offers

Agent using phone


Our tech stack is designed to help you maximize your potential with time-saving tools that work.

dotLoop logo

“One system to rule them all,” Dotloop handles transaction management and compliance all in one streamlined platform. Everything is paperless and works across desktop, iOS, and Android, meaning you can work effectively while on the go.

kvCore logo

Handle lead generation, your website, CRM, and more with kvCore, the platform that empowers you to own your whole business ecosystem. Bonus: kvCore includes a robust integration with Dotloop.

Core Back Office logo

The streamlined solution for managing agent onboarding, billing, commission tracking, disbursements, reporting, and accounting so that your business and the brokerage’s run smoothly. Also integrates with Dotloop.

Earnnest logo

A real estate transaction tech solution built by agents for agents– so of course it’s got to be part of the tech stack at a brokerage built by and for the same. Earnnest saves everyone time by allowing for a fully digital transfer of funds. Oh, and it integrates with Dotloop.