Affiliated Business

Bolst has a business relationship with affiliated businesses. Each of these businesses may refer you to the services of another. Because of these relationships, the referral of a customer by any of the Affiliated Companies to another may provide the referring company, its affiliates and/or their employees with a financial or other benefit. You are not required to use any of these service providers as a condition of the purchase, sale or refinance of the subject property or to obtain access to any settlement service.

Bolst Real Estate Atlanta

620 Glen Iris Drive NE, Unit 1-A
Atlanta , GA 30308


Team Rich Richardson

804 Town Blvd., Suite A2040
Atlanta, GA 30319


The Justin Landis Group

620 Glen Iris Dr NE Unit 1-A<
Atlanta, GA 30308


McManamy McLeod Heller, LLC

3520 Piedmont Road, Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30305