Our Story

Bolst, like all businesses, started as just an idea.

“I started selling houses full time in 2008 and was fortunate enough to have steady growth and eventually start a team within our brokerage at the time” shares Justin Landis, Co-Founder of Bolst and owner of the Justin Landis Group. “But we always felt like something was missing,” he continues.

In a housing market that is changing more rapidly than ever, results matter but so does integrity and generosity. “I want to be known for being ‘Rich in Relationships,’” says Rich Richardson, owner of Team Rich Richardson and another Co-Founder of Bolst. “I want to represent clients with passion and have a client for life mentality.”

In 2018, the Justin Landis Group started a fundraising campaign called 90 in 90. “We had a goal to help 90 buyers in 90 days to raise $90,000 to fight homelessness. We hit the 90th house on the 90th day and that really lit the fire.” Jarrod Thomas, partner at the Justin Landis Group and Co-Founder of Bolst states. “We realized we needed to continue to do more. We didn’t have a name or anything” Jarrod continues “but as soon as the idea came out and we started talking about it… once we convinced ourselves we could do it, we started gaining momentum and we understood.”

“I didn’t want to just be an agent.” Erika Brown, owner of Strive Real Estate Group and Co-Founder of Bolst adds, “I wanted to impact my community and real estate was my avenue. More importantly though, I really wanted to grow my community and educate everyone about the importance of, and how to obtain, generational wealth. Then we found Justin Landis!”

Ashton Ernst Ballard, partner at the Justin Landis Group and Co-Founder of Bolst echoes, “We needed a place to achieve a high level of purpose. We’re already doing business – we are always going to do business. Why not do it with others to create a culture that gives back to those who are underserved? Our clients will always need transactions.”

In the Summer of 2021, Rich, Justin, Ashton, Jarrod and Erika all came together and Bolst was born. “Purpose business is good business” says Justin. “There’s an opportunity to do more. What if there was a purpose driven Real Estate industry with a mission to provide housing for all? Could that business drive more ‘good’ and more profit at the same time?”

“We think yes.”