Bolst Works

Introducing Bolst Works: A New Chapter of Impact

At Bolst, our commitment to making a difference in our community has always been at the forefront of our mission. We started as a Benefit Corporation, embodying the Georgia designation that combines profit with a public benefit purpose. But we believe that to create an even more profound impact, it was time to embark on a new journey.

Bolst Works: A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit with Purpose

Now, we’re excited to introduce Bolst Works, our newly established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Bolst Works is dedicated to driving change in two pivotal areas: Fighting Homelessness and Equity in Housing.

Fighting Homelessness: A Collective Effort

Through Bolst Works, we’re not just going it alone; we’re partnering with established organizations in the Metro-Atlanta community. Our strong relationships with local pillars like City of Refuge, the Gateway Center, Atlanta Mission, Grove Park Renewal, and more are a testament to our commitment to collaboration.

Equity in Housing: Our Three-Part Vision

Our mission to address Equity in Housing is multifaceted, guided by our three-part plan: Assist, Build, & Cultivate.

  • Assist: We’re actively working on innovative solutions to help individuals overcome the financial barriers that often hinder their path to homeownership. Our goal is to level the playing field so that everyone has an equal opportunity to secure a place to call home.
  • Build: Bolst Works proudly presents the Bolst Scholars Program, a strategic pipeline designed to offer Black and African American individuals entry into the Real Estate Industry. We’re creating opportunities and providing the support needed for success in this field.
  • Cultivate: We’re researching and developing comprehensive programs to cultivate future homeowners at all socio-economic levels. This includes promoting financial literacy and education, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds have the knowledge and tools they need to achieve homeownership.

Your Role in Creating Change

The heart of Bolst Works lies in the participation and support of our community, partners, and individuals like you. Your involvement, whether through contributions, volunteering, or simply sharing our mission, is the driving force behind the change we aim to create.

Join Us in Building a Brighter Tomorrow

We invite you to stand with us as we tackle homelessness and promote equity in housing. Together, we can make a profound and lasting impact on our community.

Get in Touch

Do you have questions, ideas, or a strong desire to get involved? Reach out to us at We’re here to collaborate and create meaningful change.

Thank You for Being the Change

Thank you for being an essential part of Bolst Works. Together, we’re building a brighter, more equitable future for all. Follow along on Instagram to see all the work we are doing.

Learn about Bolst’s second annual Home for the Holidays fundraising campaign here.

Bolst’s Giving Commitment

At Bolst, we believe in the power of business to drive positive change in our community and beyond. As part of this commitment, we proudly adopt the Designed to Give Impact Business Model.

We formally commit to donating the equivalent of 10% of our profits to fund the nonprofit foundation, Bolst Works, our very own 501(c)3. This commitment is integral to reflecting our dedication to making a meaningful impact on the world around us.

Public Declaration: We recognize the importance of transparency and accountability. By making this commitment public, we aim to inspire others and create a culture of giving within the business community.

Annual Commitment: Each year, we pledge to donate 10% or more of our profits to Bolst Works. This commitment is not just a statement but a promise we uphold, with donations reflected in our financial records.

Bolst is in the process of pursuing its B Corp certification. Once certified, Bolst will be required to recertify every three years. At that point, we will proudly demonstrate that we have honored this commitment annually, showcasing our ongoing dedication to creating a positive impact through our business practices.

By choosing Bolst, you are not just engaging with a Real Estate Brokerage; you are supporting a business committed to making a difference. Thank you for joining us on this journey of Making Home Happen!