Press Release

Two of Atlanta’s Top Real Estate Teams Believe the Real Estate Industry Can Provide Housing for Everyone

By Nathan Skinner

The Justin Landis Group and Team Rich Richardson are Launching Bolst – a New Purpose Driven Real Estate Brokerage

ATLANTA, Ga., August 9, 2021—The Justin Landis Group and Team Rich Richardson, two of Atlanta’s top producing residential real estate teams, (with a combined 45 agents and $288M in home sales in 2020) have launched a new real estate brokerage named Bolst. This new brokerage is a Benefit Corporation with a purpose to pursue a public benefit of a reduction in homelessness, more affordable housing options, and an increase in home ownership in underserved communities, starting in Atlanta.

“We woke up at the beginning of this year and had a feeling that purpose business is good business and that there was an opportunity to do more,” said Landis. “What if there was a purpose driven business in the real estate industry with a mission to provide housing for all? Could that business drive more good and better results at the same time? That’s what made us want to start Bolst.”

In the last three years, The Justin Landis Group has crafted yearly initiatives to serve the Atlanta community. They first completed a campaign in the spring of 2018 under the name “90 in 90” with a goal to help 90 buyers in 90 days, and through those sales raise $90,000 to fight homelessness. That year, they met their goal, and the Atlanta Mission was able to use that pledge as a match campaign that brought in an additional $180,000.

During their most recent campaign, Home for the Holidays, their team worked toward a goal of helping 200 families find their dream home while raising over $100,000 to help the Atlanta Mission transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Not only have these charity initiatives inspired generosity throughout the Atlanta real estate community, they have led to over $800,000 in donations to local Atlanta charities that are fighting homelessness.

“Even though The Justin Landis Group was growing before this, when we added purpose into the business it exploded,” said Landis. “From a growth standpoint we went from 450 transactions in 2019 to 700 in 2020. And my belief is that a lot of that has to do with adding purpose into the organization.”

This inspired Landis, Richardson and their teams to launch Bolst. They want to make a difference and by making a difference believe that they can achieve extraordinary business results. Bolst plans to fight homelessness through giving and awareness. Bolst has pledged 2% of revenue and 5% of profit to charities providing housing. The Bolst agents will be the ones directing those funds. Bolst also makes it easy for their agents to give, and giving is part of being a Bolst agent. It’s required on every transaction by every agent.

The mission of Bolst is to Elevate Lives and Advance Communities for their agents and for our city. This means that someone buying a luxury home should have the best representation and connections; as should the first time home buyer who is the first person in their family to ever own a home. It also means that those who are at the opposite end of the spectrum living on the streets or in a car, should have the opportunity to get off the streets into a safe / warm environment.

When asked how Bolst will change real estate, Landis said, “I see Bolst adding a purpose component that doesn’t exist in the real estate brokerage industry… I believe Bolst’s focus on doing good will attract like-minded agents who want to make a difference, and together we will make a difference that moves the whole industry towards working with a greater purpose.”

Bolst will enable agents to thrive in their career and make a difference in their community by providing opportunities focused on excellence, success and giving back. Bolst is a forward thinking Broker whose purpose puts people first—giving them the opportunity and ownership to truly impact their community and create value in their work. Bolst is also built for agents by agents with tech that’s easy to use, practical training from the top agents, and passive income opportunities from the brokerage.

And as for their clients, the Bolst approach will give peace of mind knowing that they have an advocate who will deliver on what’s best for them. Bolst is committed to being a partner to the Home Buyer and Seller whose success is built on integrity and results—providing them a responsive, knowledgeable approach that produces winning solutions.